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Digital Safety

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Sites to help schools support parents

www.vodaphone.com –has a parents section on their website and produces an excellent Digital Parenting magazine.

www.parentinfo.org - ParentInfo is a collaboration between the National Crime Agency CEOP Command and The Parent Zone.

It is a regularly updated and free feed of information, advice and sources of support that schools can deliver to parents and carers - a pipeline of information they can integrate seamlessly into their own websites and use in other formats.

ParentInfo is quick and simple to set up. For more information and technical support contact: support@theparentzone.co.uk

www.nspcc.org.uk – The NSPCC has joined forces with O2 to offer support to parents including some really useful information about the sites young people use www.nspcc.org.uk/preventing-abuse/keeping-children-safe/share-aware 

This is a campaign by the NSPCC for parents with children between 8-12. It has some interesting videos to watch and ways to encourage children to be careful about what they share online.