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The required school wear is simple and available at major stores. It consists of the following:


1. Navy blue               jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan          

2. White                     shirt/blouse/t-shirt

3. Grey trousers/skirt

4. Summer dresses in the appropriate school colours.

5. Sensible footwear (no trainers) preferably black or grey.  Children may wear sandals in the summer.  Black boots may be worn in winter time only.


Alternatively sweatshirts, polo-shirts and cardigans with an embroidered school logo are available through the PTA (order form available from the school office or school website). Jogging pants can also be purchased.

We would stress the need for simple clothes and shoes at first, as children are encouraged to be           independent in their dressing as soon as they enter school.

Children should bring a waterproof coat with a hood during the colder months as they may still go out for break times if it is raining lightly.  During the summer months, we would advise that your child bring a hat to school to protect them from the sun.  You may also wish to send your child with sun cream which they will need to apply themselves.

Children should have separate outdoor and indoor PE shoes - trainers for outdoors (with a bag in case they get muddy) and clean soled shoes, preferable plimsolls for the hall.  Children will need blue or black shorts and a white top for P.E. lessons (plain tops). 

Long hair will need to be tied up for PE sessions and therefore children with long hair should ensure that they have a bobble in their PE kit (otherwise they will be asked to use an elastic band.

We do ask that all items of clothing and footwear are clearly marked with your child’s name.  If children come to school in boots/wellingtons they will need a change of shoes to wear during the day.

For Health and Safety reasons we do discourage the wearing of jewellery in school.  A watch may be worn and girls may wear stud earrings.  Children are requested to not wear earrings on P.E. days or they will need to be covered (parents are responsible for providing medical tape for the children to cover the earrings themselves).



Shaved hairstyles and colours are not considered suitable for school. It would also be appreciated if     gelling was kept to a minimum.  Girls should wear blue, black, white or grey headbands or bows and they should be of a sensible size.   



Nail varnish should not be worn to school as it is considered unsuitable.


Wristbands of any type are not allowed to be worn in school for health and safety reasons.

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