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Absences During School Term Time

A letter and copy of the new Absence Policy has been sent via Parentmail. These explain the new procedures and protocols that will come in to effect for all Withdrawal from Learning applications, lateness and absences from 3:35pm 18th December, 2015. The school will now adhere to the Nottinghamshire Code of Conduct for Penalty notices which covers two main areas: persistent absence and holidays during term time. Penalty notices may be issued for absences/holidays which meet the criteria set out in the Code of Conduct (please refer to the letter and the Absence Policy on the School holiday Dates or Policies and Procedures page of the website for details). The reason for these changes is that the Government’s threshold for what is acceptable attendance has been raised from 85% to 90%. This change has meant that the school needs to be more proactive about securing the best possible for all children to ensure that they fulfil their educational potential.

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