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Doodle Day

‚ÄčThe whole school enjoyed our Doodle Day on Wednesday 29th March. Congratulations to our doodling superstars. Each class winner gets some doodling notebooks and pens. We know that they and all the children in school will continue to develop their skills over the coming years. Who knows, we might be looking at a future artist or famous illustrator! Well done everybody and thank you to Mrs Johnson for organising this.

The class winners were: Grace B, Sophia R, Paige G, Jessie E, Finnley S, Joelle D, Isla B, Blake D, Esme W, Tom P, Treya P, Grace C, Harriet B, Lucy B & Chloe C.

The overall winner for FS/KS1 is ...Isla B
The overall winner for KS2 is .... Chloe C

Both of these children will get their designs professionally printed onto T-shirts - thanks to Mr and Mrs Ford.

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