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Growth Mindset Awards

Two incredibly special assemblies were held this week to recognise and reward the children that were picked from their class for demonstrating an excellent Growth Mindset. People with a Growth Mindset believe anyone can be good at anything, because your abilities are entirely due to your actions and if you persevere and work hard, you will achieve. Each child received a special shield with their name engraved on it which they are able to keep. One child was then chosen by Mrs Thomas as the overall winner and their name has been engraved on the large Les Newey Award shield which Les Newey from the Rotary Club donat-ed the funds for. This will be in the entrance hall for everyone to see. Thank you to all of the parents for attending the assembly, but more importantly, thank you and congratulations to all of the wonderful chil-dren that have demonstrated a Growth Mindset this year which has had a huge impact on their progress.

The winners were: 6SS Emily B, 6SM Katy-Mae C, 6BL Niamh E, 5KH Cece B, 5CL Phoebe L, 4LW Amy P, 4RW Amelia H, 3SS Treya P, 3BB Tilly F, 2KJ Layla S, 2AW Rudi B, 1LWR Daniel S, 1SB Tilly T, FSUJB Harriet V. FSUAS Annya P. The overall winner was Phoebe L , a thoroughly deserving winner.

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