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Year 6 WOW Day

As an exciting introduction to year 6, the children experienced a great WOW DAY! The day consisted of a range of fun activities including Egyptian inspired art where children created Egyptian headdresses and attempting hieroglyphics; Egyptian board games which included the game seega and even getting the opportunity to touch Egyptian body parts while blindfolded! These all provided the best learning experience.

A highlight was playing a great Egyptian game called gamma- it was like noughts and crosses but only allowed 6 counters. The best part though was when we touched the body parts like the brain, lungs, stomach and even the eyeball. EWWWW! The Day provided a great opportunity to get some fantastic work up on our displays! We look forward to what year 6 has to offer! By Madi Brown 6SS.

Ravenshead C of E is a very responsible school. Especially the year 6’s. Due to this, we have the privilege to represent the school as a Prefect. A Prefect is where you act as mini teachers helping to uphold the school rules, support other children, act as a role model and carry out a range of specific jobs. To be a Prefect, you have to be very responsible and to achieve that we need to: be caring to the younger people, ask teachers if they need help, do what teachers tell us straight away and other amazing and wonderful things. The classes of year 6 are 6SM and 6SS. 6SM is Miss Martins class and 6SS is Miss Smiths class. Both classes have applied to be a Prefect. 11 in Miss Smith’s class and about 10 in Miss Martins class. In conclusion, being a Prefect is very hard, but very rewarding job. It’s fair to say it is one of the many highlights of being a year 6 at Ravenshead. By Luca Thornley 6SS.

This week at school we have been doing all about learning, growing our brains, never giving up and the power of YET. As most of this week has been based on the power of yet, growing our brain and believing in ourselves, we have done a lot of related activities.

Like Albert Einstein, we were determined to learn more and become better. As a result, we got to create a book about the power of yet, we created 3D neurons out of clay and we made dream folders. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to have a special visitor come in and speak to us .The special visitor was Anthony Clark -world famous badminton player. As well as that, Miss Lawrence has been doing some exciting and inspiring assemblies all week which teach us to never give up when times get tough! By Dulcie Rhodes 6SS.

As an exciting treat, this week, our school was very lucky to have Anthony Clark come in to talk to us about believing in ourselves. Anthony is a double world silver medallist, double commonwealth silver medallist and Quadruple commonwealth bronze medallist. As well as that, he has 106 England caps; achieved 9 national records and played for England in 2 Olympics. With such an array of achievements, Anthony was able to motivate us to believe in ourselves, never give up and ‘Be The Best That We Can Be!’ Not only did he inspire us with his stories of achievements, he also shared one of his most important moments of his life; the rescue of his mother. In addition to this, Anthony visited each year group to answer some interesting questions and show his fabulous, gleaming medals. What’s even better is that we get a signed photo of Year 6 and him. All in all, Anthony Clark is AWESOME! By Oliver Park 6SS

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